Can a person bed-ridden with quadriplegia ever think of walking without any form of support? Can that person who was destined to a life of wheelchair at best, walk, climb stairs and so his own daily chores?

Diganta Das had everything a man would dream of. A lifestyle and an enviable track record to earn that envy and accolades alike. An active journalist reporting bravely from the militancy infested North Cachar Hill District of Assam (Now Dima Hasao), the pioneer to promote tourism in the region abundant natural beauty, the ambassador of peace and tranquility in the strife-torn area. And not just from the decade-long professional achievements, but even from his personal maintenance and way of life, the tenets of self-discipline and healthy lifestyle are reasons enough to learn from and look up to the man.

But, on the ill-fated night of July 5th, 2010, a fetal and freak car accident left him bed-ridden with quadriplegia and a spinal cord cervical C 4, C5 injury or in layman’s term a full body paralysis below the neck region. Sector pronounced there are no medicines t cure a wheelchair is the best he can bargain for..

But miracles do happen…

This man bravely fight against his quadriplegia with an undying will power, a dedicated team of Neurosurgeon and Physiotherapists and an everlasting smile on his face, and today is an epitome of perseverance and marvel for many! Defying the dictates of destiny, he did what seemed impossible for the medical practitioners and achieved the unthinkable in less that two years! And now Diganta Das want to pass on the magnetism and miracles of his life to anyone ho had suffered like him, and inspires to write one’s own story by challenging the challenges thrown by life.